Ballroom & Latin dance classes in

    Southampton at TLC:


EVERY Monday except Bank Holidays & at Christmas!
@ St. Barnabas Hall, Lodge Road, Southampton. SO14 6QS         

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Join us on Mondays for fun & friendly
Ballroom & Latin dance classes in Southampton

Have you got the Strictly bug? Would you like to learn the Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, etc, in a fun & friendly environment? Well, we have classes for Absolute Beginners, Recent Beginners as well as Improvers, to suit every level. Whether you have never danced before and are complete beginners or if you have some dance experience, we have different classes for different levels.
AND you do not need partners at TLC!

Dancing is a very sociable activity, much more FUN than going to a gym and you will also learn a skill for life.
We teach social dancing, where there are no exams or competitions, so there is no pressure. You will be able to get up on any dance floor whether at a wedding, a tea dance, on a cruise or at a social dance. Our philosophy is that dancing should be FUN and it doesn't matter if you are not the best dancer or if you go wrong, as long as you are enjoying yourself. People learn at different speeds, so some people may take longer than others.  As our classes are not courses, you will progress through the levels when the teacher suggests you are ready to move up.

FORMAT FOR BEGINNERS -  Foxtrot in March

There are two types of the Foxtrot – the easier Social Foxtrot and the more challenging  Slow Foxtrot that you see on Strictly.                  

If you are an Absolute, or a relatively new Beginner to Ballroom dancing, then we suggest you only stay for the first hour of the easy Social Foxtrot
If you have a few more months dance experience, then you can join the first hour Social Foxtrot AND the second hour when we introduce the beginnings of the Slow Foxtrot


7.30pm – Easy Social Foxtrot for Beginners with Claire 

                -  Silver Slow Foxtrot routine with Tracie

8.30pm   -  Introducing and revision of the Bronze Slow Foxtrot basics at a slow pace with Claire 

                 -  Gold Slow Foxtrot routine with Tracie

COST:     1 hour £5,  2 hours £8.00   (NUS £3, £5)  

Where we are learning 2 dances on one night (ie when we do our Latin Lovers Medley in April), then we have 2 classes per hour for Beginners and Improvers, ie Claire takes the Beginners  for those without or have very little experience and Tracie takes the Improvers for those dancers with a very good knowledge of the timing and basics in that style of dance


March         4 weeks of  Social Foxtrot for Beginners and  the Slow Foxtrot for more advanced dancers
April            Latin Lovers Medley:  3rd & 10th Rumba at 7.25 / Cha Cha at 8.30  +   24th Samba / Paso Doble!  Ole!
May             3 weeks of Quickstep
June            3 weeks of Social Foxtrot for Beginners and Slow Foxtrot for the more advanced dancers
                    4th week a Social with a Foxy American Smooth for all levels

July             5 weeks of the wonderful Waltz
August        3 weeks of your requests:  Viennese Waltz choreo  /  Ballroom Tango  /  Rumba & Jive 

September  4 weeks of Foxtrot
October       4 weeks of Waltz 
                      5th week a Halloween Social and a themed American Smooth for all levels!

November    4 weeks of Quickstep
December    2 weeks:  an American Smooth choreo for all levels (VW or Ballroom Tango) & our Xmas Social party

So join us every Monday with or without partners as we all dance together and we have a really friendly vibe.
Here are 3 lovely emails Tracie has received from many:

Dear Tracie
Thank you for the info.
I really enjoyed myself last night. I had been so close to not coming as I was really tired and worried that I may feel intimidated turning up into a room full of strangers - but I had a ball (!) and can't wait to come back again next week. The teaching was perfectly paced, the people were all friendly and the music was great. Thank you for making this available to us ordinary people and not being inaccessible, overly priced or too precious about it all. I will definitely be back.
See you next week!


My dear Tracie
What a wonderful way to end the Ballroom TLC season by me having the opportunity of dancing the waltz with you. For me this year has not been easy, in fact very difficult, but the bright spark and motivation has been you and your efforts have  made the difficulties easier. Thank God for TLC.


Dear Tracie and Claire
Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything that you’ve done to encourage me to dance this year. I absolutely love the teaching staff at TLC and have really appreciated their patience and passion for what they do.
I’ve had a lovely time so thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You can join on any Monday

Classes are designed for:
Absolute Beginners stage 1
who have no previous dance experience or for those who are rusty Beginners needing practice of basics


who are confident with the rhythm and the basics and are ready for a few simple moves


for dancers who are very confident with basics and have a few moves under their belt!

for those with over 1 years Ballroom & Latin experience and ready for a challenge

If you've always fancied learning to dance but do not have a partner, don't worry, at TLC we have many dancers who come on their own and we change partners all the time.
Couples who do attend together, can either change partners or dance together.


Take the chance and dance - it can be a Total Life Changer at TLC! 
We hope you can join us very soon

Please contact Tracie if you need more information or wish to be kept informed of Ballroom classes in Southampton:
email: info  @


Parking information for St Barnabas Hall, Lodge Road, Southampton SO14 6QS

Please note the Car Park space in Pink is reserved for Ladies only as there are only 18 spaces available in front of the hall. Tracie has made arrangements with Kwik Fit, Simply Bathrooms and Indigo Press to use their car park facilities. Otherwise there is parking around the roads for 2 hours only at all times
(The Condor office is now owned by Indigo)