Our philosophy

Tracie and her team of teachers aim to provide a special place where you can learn to dance in a fun, safe and protected environment. We offer not only expert dance tuition at very affordable prices, but we also give a very warm welcome to everyone, giving lots of encouragement and 'tlc' - hence the name Tracie's Latin Club.

We are very passionate about our dancing and believe that if everyone danced, the world would be a much better place. We create more of a family atmosphere, where everyone dances together and there is a 'say yes' policy (ie no-one refuses a dance in the house of TLC!)

Joining TLC is not about attending a dance class and go home, it's a Total Life Changer!


Because dance can change your life completely:
It can provide fullfilment where there is a void.
It can provide a brand new social life to those who have moved into the area, or need a change in the their life.
It can chase the blues away and lift your spirits when you are unhappy
It can improve your health
You can find new friends
It will help you to lose weight, gain confidence and find more energy

It can challenge the ordinary and change the rut

You can go anywhere in the world and walk onto a crowded dance floor and meet strangers who become instant friends because you understand the universal language of music and dance!

AND in the last decade, there are now studies and research which has proven that dancing:
Reduces the risk of dementia
Increases energy and serotonin
Improves flexibility, strength, balance and endurance
Strengthens bones and boosts cardiovascular healther
Increased mental capacity by exercising our cognitive processes

So what are you waiting for .....

Take the chance and dance with TLC .... it might just change your life for a healthier and happier one!

And if you need yet MORE persuasion, read a few of the genuine emails Tracie receives - click here