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TLC's Bak 2 Salsa Skool Caliente - 2/9/11

Wot a nite for the Bak 2 Skool Caliente, THANK YOU. It was packed out and everyone made such an effort - even those on the 'dress down' day! BIG thanks also to the wonderful Dean David G and Rebecca who were whippingly good fun and to Julian again for fantastic photos and check out the Class of 2011 group shot!! If only school could have been that much fun!

and the winners were:
Headmaster 'Spank Me' Alan George from Havant (even went to the lengths of buying an Ann Summers 'Spank Me' ruler - Winning tickets to Paultons Park
Dinner Ladies Ruth & Michelle (bribery with doughnuts always works!) Tickets to Paultons Park
Kimberley & Jules for being the Blackboard babes! Winning School trip to Southampton's Tudor House
Hannah Swanborough for latterally being 'a Wealth of Knowledge' (and the money was flying around all night) Winning a lunchbox of goodies
Punk Dave Tombs from the Class of '77 - winning a lunchbox of goodies
'Just William' Egor from Basingstoke - winning the table football
& Chemistry teacher Mr Ben Thurley, with his original Chemistry overcoat .... complete with original stains!! Winning the TLC mascot

Thank you to one and all of you for soooo much fun! Photos below with the winners first:

on dress down!

Girls v Guys and the high school frolics begin!!

& these were caught behind the BIKE SHED!!!