Saturday, 7 January 2016

Charming Pasadas & Barridas with Sophie Martinez

@ TLC, St Barnabas Hall, Lodge Road, Southampton   SO14 6QS

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from the sensational Sophie Martinez in 2 separate workshops

All dancers are welcome with at least 9 months regular Tango experience (which must include dancing in 'Crossed System').   Sophie will give easy and more challenging options along the way

This will be a small group, with limited spaces, so that we can give more individual attention – please book & pay in advance
If possible, please book with a partner, but if not don’t worry!

11:30 - 13:30  -  Spicy Crosses – moving the ladies free leg
                                Unusual Pasadas & adornos / decorations

This workshop will focus on the following:

Exploring the mechanics of different types of both crosses & pasadas (step overs), in crossed & parallel system, at different moments, different rhythms and adapting each possibility to dance these on the social dance floor, with ladies embellishments and decorations. 
We will also combine these  according to the music and always respecting the line of dance

13:30    Lunch Break (please bring your own lunch - tea/coffee/drinks will be on sale)

14:30 - 16:30      Charming & unusual Barridas to surprise the lady
                              Unusual Pasadas & adornos – different to above

This workshop will focus on the following:

Exploring different ways to perform unusual Barridas (sweeps of the foot) & Pasadas (different to above)
Analysing the technique necessary to realise a fluid barrida, focussing on the grounding of the supporting leg in order to get more freedom in the free one.   Sophie will give more ladies decorations to embellish these movements and decorations (different to those above)

16:30    15 mins practice

16:45     Studio closed ... so that we can get ready for the TLC Milonga in the evening!  -  Click here for details

20:00   TLC Milonga - Click here for details

Both workshops will be focussing on the communication and sharing the connection between the partners so that both have the chance to decorate, express the music and the moment

Either workshop can be booked on it’s own, but dancers will have more benefit from working on the cumulative technique used in both workshops


£20 in advance for 1 workshop  -  or £25 on the door
£35 for both in advance  -  or £40 on the door

Payment can be made at classes or on Paypal:

Booking with a partner is not necessary, but it does help to even the ratio

Limited spaces available so please book yours asap by contacting Tracie -
Email:      info @

If you are attending both workshops with Sophie, then entrance to the evening milonga is discounted to £5 instead of £8

These workshops can be taken individually, but it will be much more beneficial to do both
All are open for Level 3 upwards, (with at least 9 months experience and this must include 'Crossed System')  and more options will be given for the more experienced dancers

Parking is available on site, at Indigo next door and also Indigo Printers on Cambridge Road
Please note parking is not available in Kwik Fit/Simply Bathrooms during the day as they will be open for business

Then we hope to see you in the evening to practice all your new found moves - click here for the event
If you haven't been to TLC before, we have a FAB studio and a wonderful dance floor