Frequently Asked Questions

Unable to choose between Salsa / Tango / Ballroom

To decide between Salsa, Argentine Tango, Bachata, Kizomba, Ballroom & Latin, depends on your own character and choice of music.

All forms of dance can be a long-term, life changing and addictive experience! So here's a little clip of our dance club in action at West Quay, demonstrating all genres in 2012. You can always turn up at any of our classes and watch to see for yourself the fun and friendly vibe we have at TLC

Do I need to book in advance?

There is no need to book or pay in advance for any of our taster evenings, so please just turn up, pay on the door and have a great evening out. However, you always have the choice if you wanted to book and pay in advance by Paypal or bank transfer - then Tracie will send you a reminder to attend with full joining instructions. Click here to pay, or click here to ask Tracie to send you a reminder (specifying which course/taster you wish to attend)


What do I wear?

Shoes are the most important thing to consider when dancing - but clothes are essential !
Dancing requires any shoe with a smooth sole that will stay on your foot when raising your heel. Girls: a court shoe with a heel is suitable, Guys: a brogue for you. Flip flops or sandals are not advisable. Your shoes also need a smooth sole, like leather, to be able to turn and glide across the floor like Fred and Ginger! Trainers or rubber-soled shoes will stick to the floor and damage your knees in the long run.

As for clothes, wear anything comfortable that allows freedom of movement. Within Tracie’s Latin Club, the evenings are quite smart-casual - some people wear jeans and others glam it up. So it's entirely what you feel most comfortable in.


Do I need to bring a partner?

There is no need to bring anyone as we rotate the partners for you. This actually makes you a better dancer than just dancing with one person all the time. So come on your own or bring friends, it doesn't matter as there are loads of people starting with you at the same time and everyone has lots of fun while dancing together. If you do come as a couple and you do want to stay together, then please let us know on registration so that we can inform the respective teacher.



Do you cater for people with 2
(or more) left feet?

Oh yes we do - and that's no excuse!

Salsa on Wednesdays, Thursdays, fortnightly Fridays and monthly Saturdays all cater for Absolute Beginners each week of the year. No matter which week you arrive, there will always be a class for you and you can do this class as many times as you like. (See classes page) We assume you know nothing and progress slowly from there!

For Argentine Tango we run 2 monthly courses for Absolute Beginners, running in parallel on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The initial 2 weeks at the beginning are Taster weeks for Absolute Beginners so that you can decide whether or not to do the course (but we are sure you will!) Everyone starts together and progresses each week so that after your 8 or 9 week course, you join the Recent Beginners held at the same time with another teacher. (See Argentine Tango classes page) If you miss a week, you can join the other course or attend twice in one week - it's very flexible


Is there an age limit?

Our normal classes are for those aged over 18 years and there is no upper age limit .... if you can walk you can dance, it's as simple as that. If you have children who are interested in learning Salsa, then please do contact us

TLC encourages a warm and friendly social scene and we have a broad spectrum of people, so take a chance and enjoy the dance!

How do I progress?

Everyone learns at a different pace so your progression depends on your own comfort zone. Our teachers will guide you through the levels, giving you lots of 'tlc' and advise you when they feel you are ready, but this doesn't mean to say you have to move up there and then. You can take your time and at your own pace. We have had several people who want to be a beginner for a few months before moving up, so don't worry.

Level 1 - Absolute Beginners where we assume you know absolute nothing about dance
Level 2 - Recent Beginners for dancers with a few weeks' knowledge
Level 3 - Improvers who have been dancing for a few months
Level 4 - Intermediates with a minimum of 18 months dancing experience
Level 5 - Advanced - years of commitment and enjoyment!

If you have never been before, your first class will be the Absolute Beginners, where we assume you know nothing about dancing.   Everyone starting that night will be taught together for their first lesson and you will have a lot of fun.    We teach you the basics steps, the rhythm and how to lead and follow so that by the end of the first class you will be dancing!

On both Wednesdays and Thursdays, if you are happy with the basics and the rhythm after your first class , then the next week you attend, you can join the Level 2 class for Recent Beginners, where you will learn a few more basic moves.  However, you can do the Beginners class over and over until you are ready to move up!

After a couple of months in Level 2, you are encouraged to progress to Level 3/Improvers and after several months, you will be encouraged to progress into Level 4/Intermediates. 

We have a very warm and friendly vibe where everything is at your own pace and there is no pressure to move up if you don't feel confident. (BTW we do not take medals or do competitions; our ethos is to get everyone dancing, making lots of new friends and having lots of fun along the way)

Tracie always says that it is the quality of moves you learn rather than the quantity and this will really set you apart from the rest. Keeping the rhythm and by respecting each others ability and balance, will make you the King or Queen on the dance floor!

Our fortnightly Friday Salsa club is more of a 'freestyle' evening when you can really let your hair down. The Improver class is the same as the Level 3 on a Weds or Thursday - ie for students who have a competent grasp of the basic step, a couple of turns and the Cross Body Lead. The Advanced class gives you all the latest moves at a faster pace, with heaps of technique for the leaders and followers. Students should have been dancing for at least 2 years.

As with most things in life, the more you practise, the more you will improve! Attending more than once a week will really help you retain the moves and you will feel more comfortable when it comes to dancing after the lessons have finished.

Most of our dancers are addicted because they love to dance in a friendly environment, where they get lots of 'tlc' and huge helpings of fun and laughter - GUARANTEED! Our teachers take pride in their teaching with the aim of getting everyone to dance - so come along and join us.


Do you stop for Easter, Summer
or at Xmas?

We only break at Christmas, when we have a 2 or 3 week holiday. So you can enjoy our classes all year round!

Do you do private lessons?

Salsa - we can arrange a private Salsa group class for your hen party or staff / corporate evening
Tango - Some of the visiting guest Tango teachers take private Tango lessons.
We do not teach private one to one classes

Can you buy passes for Salsa Classes?  Are these passes for consecutive classes?

The 4 week Beginners pass is a non-consecutive card, so you can attend when ever you like.  It is a small card indicating Week 1, 2, 3 & 4 and every time you attend, the card is stamped.  It is not a monthly card so you don’t have to take the 4 weeks within the same month, your attendances can be spread over many months and can be used on either Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Do you take medals or compete?

Strictly No! We believe that medal examinations and competitions would encourage dancers to follow a more choreographed set of moves, rather than dance with improvisation and spontaneity with the music. Although we teach routines in our classes, we encourage the leaders to put individual moves into their dance at any point in time, therefore no two dances will ever be the same. This makes the dance very dynamic, improvised, energised and lots of fun!

What style of Salsa do you teach/dance?

Our ethos is that dancers should be able to experience all types of Salsa, so that wherever they go in the UK or in the world, they will always be able to dance with everyone. Therefore, we teach:

Weds classes: 'cross body 'on1' for Levels 1-3 PLUS a weekly slow Cuban class and also an alternating Cross Body & Cuban at Level 4

Thursdays: cross body 'on1' for all levels plus an Advanced 'on2' class

Fridays: cross body 'on1' for Improvers and Advanced

Saturdays: Cross body 'on1' for Improvers and Advanced

Please note that after 9.30pm when the classes finish and the social starts, you are welcome to dance any style!

Do you hire your studio for dance classes?

Tracie runs TLC Ltd and hires the dance studios for dance/yoga/belly dancing classes etc but not for private parties. Please contact Tracie for more information.